The Future of News

ray is a revolutionary content management platform for newspapers.

Built from the ground up with editorial workflows in mind. Offered as a SaaS solution, your news outlet can deliver content through a website or a set of native apps to millions of daily users.

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Performance is key to delivering news in real time

ray becomes more performant as your user base grows.

Built with technology to outsmart server and network bottlenecks, it delivers information and search results faster than many other solutions, while keeping a small footprint.

The Intelligent Newsroom

Having a tiered publishing capability allows journalists, photographers, editors and content managers to work together seamlessly within the same platform.


A centralized workflow enhances every role task, pushing content to a higher level.

Newsroom Friendly

Update content in real time, let your readers find information within millions of records in no time, and offer contextual results for every search word or phrase.

Custom Integrations

As an API based platform, ray allows quick integration with your own products and services, as well as with any new technology, without having the need to reprogram or migrate your current records.

Multi-Platform Architecture

ray is an API based solution, ensuring access to content from any device or platform.

Manage content through the backend website or through a mobile application for editors. Publish content to responsive websites, mobile applications, social media feeds, and any future platform.

API Based Technology

Connect your product with most known services to expand your scope, including all business solutions through API’s integration.

Statistics speak for themselves

ray is robust platform currently serving millions of users on a daily basis. Redundancy allows almost no downtime even between publications and updates.

ray is currently serving 156,047,470,287 pages to millions of users worldwide.
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