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TN CMS, built from the ground up with editorial workflows in mind

A software subscription solution that can power your news site to deliver content to a range of audiences - from a handful of readers to millions of daily users.

Performance is key to delivering news in real time

ray’s technology is set to outsmart server and network bottlenecks, delivering information and search results faster than other solutions, while maintaining a small footprint.

ray becomes more powerful as your user base grows

A well-balanced cache infrastructure and CDN allows your site to become more powerful and effective as the number of users increases.

Newsroom friendly

Update content in real time, let your readers find information within millions of records in no time, and offer contextual results for every search word or phrase.

API based technology

ray facilitates quick integration with your own products and third-party services, as well as with any new technology, without having the need to reprogram or migrate your current content.

Intelligent newsroom

Well knitted tiered publishing capabilities allow journalists, photographers, editors and content managers to work together seamlessly, all within one platform.

Multi-platform architecture

Manage content through the backend website or through a mobile application for editors and publish content to responsive websites, mobile applications, social media feeds and any future platform.

Connect your product with most known services to expand your scope, including all business solutions through API integration

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Get started!

ray has several plans to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small publishing companies, looking to replace WordPress, to national newspapers and news outlets searching for high-end cost-efficient plans.

*All plans are flexible and can be upgraded without migrating content.


A simple plan to replace open source and unsecure platforms. Includes the best of ray in terms of features while keeping costs at a minimum.

3 days

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Along with the Starter capabilities, the Basic plan allows you to upgrade to a full publishing platform without risking expenses.

3 days

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templates (2)


With the best of our Basic plan, Silver keeps cost low and experience high, which will increase your revenue.

7 days

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templates extended (5)


As the entry level Pro plan, Gold offers the same set of features as the Basic plans but with more support, exclusive design templates, and higher traffic capabilities.

1 week

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templates extended (5)


One of the best plans on the market, balancing cost and services. Enjoy more design templates than the Gold plan and more traffic.

1 month

Redesign based on


Ray’s best plan includes ad-hoc design of the full publication, migration from your current platforms, and the best support. Large traffic sites can expect little to no bottlenecks.

2 months

AdHoc Redesign

Let’s see a demo

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