special features

Automatic image cropping

ray allows any administrator or journalist to preview, crop and scale images for various platforms without any need of external applications.

Integrated video encoding

Videos are linked to external platforms like YouTube right from within the platform, allowing content creators to load and preview within the exclusive set of designed templates.

API integration

ray connects to third party services like BBC, DW, and many others to import news, images, and content automatically.

Real-Time perfomance statistics

Right from the dashboard, administrators can view real time statistics of how the site is performing, such as what are the most relevant pages and which are the most used platforms, allowing them to make data-driven decisions based on user needs.

Template based design

Content creators can easily choose from a set of predesigned templates to create pages, change layouts, and determine the best homepage content design for each time of the day.

Real-time content SEO assistant

ray is based on tight integration into SEO tagging, to allow content to be discovered on Google searches and fully accesible from the search engine.

Full AMP

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), fully integrated into ray, is an open-source HTML framework that allows you to create web pages that load smooth, fast, and prioritize user experience.

Social media integration

Publish on social media platforms and track the performance of news within ray, and allow social media sharing right from your news.


Integrate any third-party advertising platforms to increase revenue on your published content. ray allows you to link to external resources with a simple line of code.

Training and constant support

We are constantly upgrading ray to adapt to the ever-changing web, adjusting to perform better in UI and in search results.

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